DIY: Abstract Art Painting



Escape your paint brushes and palette knives, it’s time for an DIY artworks! To assist add some colour to the not noted upstairs hallway I made this colour-area stimulated Abstract painting the usage of reds, pinks and gold. Discover ways to DIY your own with my step-by using-step guide.


A canvas
Red acrylic paint
Fluorescent Magenta acrylic paint
Purple acrylic paint (or mix red and blue)
Gold acrylic paint
A surface to mix paint on such as a palette, plastic container etc
A palette knife
Spray gloss (or gloss paint medium) *optional



Step 1:
Paint a clean coat of white paint over the whole canvas over the existing primer to get a vibrant crisp white. Using your paint brush cowl ¾ of the portray in crimson red. At the same time as the paint remains moist, add purple, magenta and white vertical streaks with a paint brush to give a few depth. If you need your accent streaks to be bolder, apply a thicker coat, or watch for the red paint to dry first.


Step 2:
The use of a palette knife, add some gold accent at the crimson red paint near the edges.



Step 3:
The use of your palette knife drag the gold paint down 2-three” downwards beginning in which the purple paint meets the white. The gold paint should be carried out slightly thicker to present texture.



Final Step:
To complete the painting add 2 coats of smooth spray paint to assist defend it from solar harm, or use gloss medium blended into your paint immediately to present a glossy finish.


Right here is the completed painting within the upstairs hallway among one of the lavatories and bedrooms. Even though it is tough to tell in this photo the artwork is very sleek and has tons of texture.