DIY: Paper Dogwood Tree Petals



We picked a new faux bloom this season. Four-petaled paper dogwood flora offer a manner to experience spring throughout 12 months. Making them calls for primary folds and cuts — no pruning required. Stamp at the details, affix to a tree branch, and display in a vase or on a desk as an eternal centerpiece.


Clear craft glue
Starburst stamp
Green ink
Dogwood petal template
Card stock in white and green



Step 1:
Cut card stock into 5-inch squares. Fold a square in half, then fold in half again. Open square, and crease diagonally, reversing direction of fold; repeat to make another diagonal crease.
Step 2:
Fold square back up along original creases. Trace petal template onto square.
Step 3:
Cut out along open edges. Snip off a tiny bit of pointed tip; unfold flower.
Step 4:
With an unused pencil eraser and green ink, stamp small marks at indents on each petal.
Final Step:
Use a starburst-style stamp to mark center. Cut out leaves from green card stock. Secure flowers and leaves to branches with clear craft glue.