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What is Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is popularly known as ambulance services or paramedic services. It is that emergency services which treat illnesses and injuries that require immediate and urgent medical aid. It provides treatment or first aid whichever is needed by the patient and if required, it will also take the patient to the hospital for further and better treatment.

EMS is a system of coordinated response and emergency medical care which involves multiple people and agencies. A comprehensive EMS system must be ready every time for any kind of emergency. It is an involute system in which each component of this system has an essential role to perform as part of a coordinated and seamless system of emergency medical care.

Components of EMS

Here are some basic components of EMS:-

  • Agencies and organizations that can be both private and public
  • Strong communication and transportation networks
  • Trauma systems, hospitals, trauma centers, and specialty care centers
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Highly trained professionals-
  1. Physicians, nurses, and therapists
  2. Administrators and government officials
  3. Volunteer and career pre-hospital personnel
  • An informed public that knows what to do in a medical emergency

A combination of the principles and resources of each of the above mentioned component is employed in EMS system so that it proves to be efficient and effective.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in India

The primary focus of EMS is emergency medical care. EMS acts as an intersection between health care, public health and public safety. It is integrated with other services and systems intended to maintain and enhance the community’s health and safety. EMS providers work in the community so they are often the first to identify public health problems and issues. They address and respond to every kind of casualty, so they often work shoulder-to-shoulder with public safety, colleagues in law enforcement and fire services.

The organizational structure of EMS varies significantly from community to community. Pre-hospital services can be based in a fire department, a hospital, an independent government agency (i.e., public health agency), a non-profit corporation (e.g., Rescue Squad) or the commercial for-profit companies. But, regardless of provider, the essential components of an EMS System remain the same.

Developing and maintaining such an intricate system requires thoughtful planning, preparation, and dedication of EMS stakeholders at the local, State, and Federal levels.

Best Emergency Medical Services in Delhi & NCR

When you are looking for the best Emergency Medical Services in Delhi & NCR, you can definitely trust Empathy Solutions. It provides Emergency Medical Services in events, trade fairs, mela and exhibitions. It provides the services for treating illnesses and injuries which require immediate and urgent medical aid and also provides treatment or first aid whichever is needed by the patient and if required, it will also take the patient to the nearest hospital for further and better treatment. It is an organization which is specialized in providing solution to every problem in Hospital & Healthcare Industry.

The organization has tie-up with more than 500 hospitals in India & about 50 hospitals all over the world. Thereby it is competent enough to deal with various types of ailments which the patient is suffering from.
Empathy Solutions also deals with Emergency Management by providing Standby Medical Services in big events like Trade shows, Exhibitions, Travel Groups etc. to avoid any untoward incident and to deal with any medical emergency during the event in India and Abroad.

Empathy Solutions is an experienced operator in Hospital, Healthcare, and Tourism & Travel Industry. Over the years, with experience & reliable services, Empathy Solutions have provided excellent medical care clubbed with pleasant and memorable holidays in India for their clients from all over the world.

Empathy Solutions also offers the option of combining the holidays in India with a medical package. Travel to India for the festive season, and combine your visit to family and friends and a tour of scenic attractions, with a medical checkup. You can easily tour of India with short term medical procedures, such a Cardiac Health Test, Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Care, Dental Care, Orthopedic Surgery, Heart Surgery etc.

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