Exhibitions & Exhibitors | Business strategies for selling stall & selling Sponsorships | How to sell stall space in an Exhibition Event?

Exhibitions & Exhibitors

The exhibition, in simple terms can be stated as the organized presentation (display) of the items that are selected to be presented or displayed. Generally, exhibitions are usually done within a cultural or educational setup. These setups can be:

  • Park
  • Exhibition hall
  • Art gallery
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Fairs

The exhibitions are not permanent rather, they are temporary which start on a fix date and tends to end on a date that was decided earlier. It consists of many things such as presentation of art in small galleries and big museums, museums related to natural history and historic museums, exhibitions which are interpretive and exhibitions that are more commercially focused and a much more familiar and famous form of ‘exhibition-trade fair’.

According to the above mentioned factors Exhibitions can be classified as:

  • Travelling exhibitions – Travelling exhibitions are also famous with the words like “travelling exhibit” or “touring exhibition”. This kind of exhibitions is that form of exhibition that is presented in more than one place or venue. Travelling exhibitions are widely used form of exhibition as they are cost-efficient way of promoting the products to the respective audience.
  • Online exhibitions – Online exhibitions are also called virtual exhibition, online gallery or cyber-exhibition. The venue for these kinds of exhibitions is the cyberspace. Many organizations and businesses do online exhibitions with the motive to expand on the material presented or create interest in the physical exhibitions.

According to some statistics, the market share of exhibitions in the year 2006 and 2011 in Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific, Central & South America, Middle East and Africa are given below:

In the year 2006

Countries Europe North America Asia/Pacific Central & South America Middle East Africa
Market Share (in %) 50 26 16 4 2 2
In the year 2011

Countries Europe North America Asia/Pacific Central & South America Middle East Africa
Market Share (in %) 48 24 20 4 2 2
Global estimates on Exhibition: (Based on 2012 research)

There are almost 31 000 Exhibitions annually corresponding to the 124 million sq.m of total net space that has been rented for exhibition. Approximately 4.4 million exhibiting companies welcomes 260 millions of visitors.

How to sell stall space in an Exhibition Event?

Here are few strategies to sell your stall space & sell Sponsorship fast in an exhibition event:-

  • Plan the strategy – Everyone needs a purpose to be at an exhibition, the first thing to be done is to plan your strategy right. Educate people about the exhibition how it will benefit their business and its potential future.
  • Know the team’s skills – Know the skills of your team. It is an asset for your business. Find out which of the team member is good at performing which work. This will help in doing the work (of selling stall space) in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Tell the whole wide world – Inform about your exhibition to as much audience as possible so that it becomes famous in the world. The widespread discussions and interests of the people will help in gaining lots and lots of attention. This will make people more eager and more reluctant for buying the stall space.
  • There should be something of people’s interest – The theme of the exhibition should be decided keeping in mind the interests of the people or the potential audience to the exhibition. This factor is essential as it decides how many stalls would be sold.
  • Spend some time – Attracting buyers of the stalls at an event requires some time and patience. This work requires full concentration and a person who possesses good knowledge in marketing, so, give some time to this essential task.
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