Do You Know? Why Microsoft doesn’t take any action to stop Pirated Copies of Windows? | Why Windows crack versions are still available on Torrent sites?


In case you assume you’re clever enough to break out with Pirated windows, then I should inform you that you are wrong. The moment you connect your laptop to the Internet, Microsoft would detect in case you are running pirated version of home windows 7/8 or not.

When I used to be in college most people had windows laptops. Only 1 or 2 percent students were using other OS. And out of which more than 1/2 of students have been using the genuine copies because it got pre-loaded.

So lets explain the real scenario and I believe that is the real reason why Microsoft is silent on windows been used as cracked.

Microsoft will ruin cracked Windows PC with new update?

Once there has been rumor from the section using pirated copy that Microsoft ruined their pc with the latest new update (I do not know if that become actual or only a rumor because I had legal copy with my Acer pc). That incident scared the pirated users sections a lot that every one of them turned off windows updates permanently.

That story didn’t stop there. This rumor created a negative image about Microsoft, and even people with legal copies additionally started losing trust on the name, not the organization but the name, Microsoft. There was feeling that “Google on one hand has kept all the progressive technologies free and on the other hand Microsoft is using dirty strategy even though they have got already sold numerous copies”.

Do you spot the way it escalated? It wasn’t about the windows anymore. People started comparing Microsoft with Google, the largest rival maybe, and it didn’t only create a mistrust about Microsoft but it created a sense of trust for Google.

Now just imagine that if Microsoft really sued few scholars !!.

There was no confirmation that Microsoft truly ruined there pc, it became only a rumor. However it created a sense of distrust in gullible brains of young children which was long lasting.

Microsoft “Gifts” the OS to everyone who can’t afford it, only to get the money from them later on, when they do have money.

There have been laptops with Free DOS or Linux pre-installed. However why pre-installed Paid Windows Operating System?

Because this was the only OS in which most of the teenage population become comfortable (xp, Vista, 7, 8 and so on as one entity).The purpose became easy. We had used home windows someplace by hook or by crook earlier. And we were familiar with. And we used as it was easily seen in cyber cafes and similar places due to piracy.

So laptop manufacturers used this as extra function to attract teens. Which in the end benefitted Microsoft as their products were sold with laptops.

So this brings us to the question, Why Microsoft lets users to use their pirated product?

Without piracy, Windows might not have won the platform wars….

Ubuntu’s learning curve is virtually identical to Windows and has been since forever. But it is virus free. And cost free. And all software is free.

There are a LOT of reasons to give a thumbs up to Ubuntu, and if it is your first PC, you would have no idea about the difference!

Microsoft proooobably knew that. But allowing private users to get access to Windows for free means software makers would be choosing between selling to the all-free Ubuntu market or the supposedly paid-for Windows market which is artificially inflated by piracy! It’s a sales tactic!

The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers. As you wish.

They understand the value of piracy.

People that tend to pirate windows are private computer owners in 2nd and 3rd world countries. Also, those are the same people who can’t afford windows.

But if you give those people a windows computer, their children will use windows from the age of 5. That means they will understand windows, and request windows where possible. And that includes their jobs.

Microsoft is the market leader because piracy allowed them to gain access to literally every single teenager’s PC.

  • Microsoft knows piracy of Windows prevented Linux from becoming a major player.
  • Microsoft knows piracy of Windows also prevented Mac from becoming a larger competitor.
  • If it weren’t for piracy, Microsoft would have a MUCH smaller market share.

What if they decided to end Windows piracy in 1998?

Well, that means millions (billions?) of people would not have grown up with Windows and instead grew up using some flavor of Linux. The poorest 90% of humans would be using Firefox, LibreOffice, and GIMP as their default software and not Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, or Adobe Photoshop. Microsoft’s ecosystem of software would have been much smaller, so many corporate systems today would be upgrading their legacy systems from old Ubuntu LTS 12 and Ubuntu LTS 14 to LTS 16 instead of Windows 7 to 10.

But now, just like with Adobe, every machine cobbled together by a preteen with a school computer lab has been running Windows since before the dot com bubble. It is nearly synonymous with computer.