Transport & logistics facility for events | Golf carts, Shuttle Services for Events | Why we need to have transport & logistics services in events?

What is Event logistic service all about?

Event logistics is in itself the science that is responsible for planning, managing and controlling the storage and other intangible or tangible processes performed in the criteria of event planning and management. Logistics can also include the transmission, processing and storage of information.

When someone is planning, controlling and implementing the logistics behind a particular event, focused organization of the event is required. the organization often includes considering important aspects of each program and place of the event in order to make sure that the event stand up to the mark and comes out to be a huge success.

The following aspects are essential to take into consideration:-

  • Distribution & warehousing
  • Management of traffic
  • Logistics of venue
  • Schedules of loading & management of delivery
  • Tracking of assets
  • Bump-out logistics & freights

“DO's” of event logistic
  • Initially what you are required to do is “planning”. Planning is a crucial aspect of event logistics so it needs to be done with utmost care and sincerity as all the efficiency is dependent on it.
  • Describing of goals in a correct and proper manner is very important but this is not an easy task every time.
  • Distribute your goals into different and simple tasks that are easy to achieve.
  • Record your tasks and goals in an electronic planner or wherever you wish to.
  • Manage and control your time accordingly.

Transportation services vs Logistic services

People often tend to co-relate transportation & logistics but they are distinct and separate industries.

Transportation services or industry is just a branch of logistics services or industry that comes under it. Transportation services purely focus on making available just the modes of transportation. These modes can be land, air or water. Transportation services play an important part when it comes to enable trade between the potential customers and the traders. It alone cannot make available the products to the customers. Support of logistics services in the form of freight services make it possible for the transportation services to work in an appropriate manner.

 Logistics services or industry on the other hand is responsible for producing, obtaining and distributing the goods to their destined location in the stipulated quantity. The basic principles of this industry are–Planning, implementing and controlling. They plan, control and implement the processes that are required for efficient and effective transportation and storage of the products. Logistics services keep tracking the products from the point of source till the point of consumption.

Difference between Transportation services & Logistic services

In simple terms, it can be said that logistics services work through planning. On the other hand, transportation services are modes to execute the plans of logistics. Transportation services are a part of freight services that ease the pressure on the latter. Apart from the transport, the logistics executives take care of the following aspects:

  • Packaging
  • Containerization
  • Documentation
  • Insurance
  • Storage
  • Importing and exporting regulations
  • Freight damage claims
  • Managing the vendors
  • Taking responsibility for risk mitigation, and
  • Collaborating and working with the other executives within the supply chain

Golf carts & Shuttle Services for Events

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