Visitors promotions – How to promote your events internationally? | Events promotional services in India | How to promote your event digitally online & physically offline?

How to promote your events internationally?
  • Everyone makes all possible efforts to promote the event as much as they can. Promoting an event is pretty essential task as it is linked with the success of an event. Promoting of an event is not only bounded to the national boundaries but many organizations and business are focused on promoting events internationally. The main concern that occurs here is “how to promote event” to gain the maximum benefit from the promotions.Here are some tips that can be followed in order to promote your events internationally:
    • Description should be compelling – The description of the event should be compelling, brief and clearly understandable. The topic, time, place, highlights of the event and who should attend this event should be clearly mentioned in the event’s description.
    • Pre-event content – Content is all about creating memories for an event. Videos, photos, t-shirts or anything done in accurate manner (no show off) can add spark leading up to the event.
    • Pictures and profiles of the speakers – Telling about the speakers to your potential audience attracts them to attend the event even more. Attach the profiles and the pictures of the speaker this would help you gain more and more audience and attendees to the event.
    • Set event’s image – Make a logo or any picture relevant to your event so that when you share about the event online your logo or image help in making your event more recognizable.
    • Make videos – Make some event related videos or get some videos of the interviews of speakers and share it on the social media pages. It is much more effective then it is thought and its effectiveness will be witnessed later.
    • Add visible “register now” button – Add visible “register now” or “call us” option to your website. Addition of this button will ensure the increased number of responses and registrations to the event.
    • E-mails before event – If you have prepared a list of who could be your expected attendees then marketing through e-mails can be much more effective.
    • Subject line – The subject line should be kept in a way that would make the person open the mail anyhow. Subject line such as “5 things you wouldn’t like to miss about the event” is so appealing that the person would definitely open the mail.
    • Send during the weekend – Try sending the mail during the weekend rather than working days. The chances of opening and click-through rate are higher during the weekend.
    • Pick the hashtag – Select any suitable hashtag for the event which is short and unique. Use this hashtag whenever you post anything on the social media.
    • Post event on the social media – Share about your event on facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media platforms. Create a page of your event on social media. Post pictures and videos related to your event on the pages frequently. Remind again and again by making a post for the deadline for registration so that you do not let any stone unturned.

Visitors promotion

Any event can be made successful if it is able to gather a lot of visitors nationally and internationally. Following all the above tips would definitely help you gather some of the attendees but the motive is to gain and target a lot of population. Visitor’s promotion is one such concept that helps you gather lots of visitors to the event. Visitors promotion is a full- fledged business which is in its emerging form. The company involved in this service act as an intermediary between the event organizers and the attendees. These companies contact the target attendees and present the output of the event to them. The prime focus of these companies is to convince the potential attendees to attend a particular event. They also make efforts by communicating the “benefits” that their company will enjoy by attending the event.

Events promotional services in India

Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services is the sole company that not only provides the facility of online promotions but also is very dedicated in physical and direct promotions of the event. It makes an effort to directly contact the potential attendees and convince them to attend the event by making them understand the output of the event. The company is one stop to register yourself for B2B Meetings & take your business to next level. It also helps to assist the foreign guests and acts as a concierge.

The company also provides with the best hospitality and consultancy services. It deals with providing services in the field of Healthcare, Wellness, Tourism and Hospitality. The company is working very closely with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. It also organizes/co-organizes/provides services in Exhibitions, Trade Fair, Convention, and Conferences. The company is most reliable in this sector. They provide best services in Delhi and NCR.
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