What are Health Camp Services? | CSR Activities – Organizing Health camps with PHD Rural Development foundation | Best Health Camp services in Delhi NCR

What are Health camps & CSR?

Organizing Health camps

Health camps are the mobile camps which are conducted in different locations by qualified doctors, nurses, and paramedics and community health workers. Mostly, these health camps are funded by NGOs, renowned hospitals or trust.

The main purpose of health camps is to help the poor to get healthcare free of cost. When the camps are organized free of cost large number of people turn up to avail medical services but not everyone of them show up to the hospital for further treatment because of the heavy medical expenses. Whereas, when the camp is organized by NGOs or trusts, people show up for further treatment as it is entirely funded by these organizations.

Before organizing a camp following factors are required to take into consideration:-

  • Source of fund
  • Time
  • The goal of camp
  • Expected number of participants
  • Number of personnel required (doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc.)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Are you aware of CSR? If not, let’s understand what CSR is all about. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is also known with different names such as–corporate sustainability, sustainable business, corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, conscious capitalism, or responsible business. CSR can be described, in earlier times, as an internal organizational policy or a corporate ethic strategy but with the passing time many international laws have been developed which has resulted in the way CSR was described.

CSR can be defined as the management concept in which the companies amalgamate the social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. In simple terms, it can be understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives and addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders, at the same time. The concept of CSR goes beyond the factors like valuable contribution to poverty reduction, enhancement in reputation of a company, strengthening its brand, etc.

Best Health Camp services in Delhi NCR

Empathy Solutions is the best health camp service provider in Delhi & NCR. The company organizes health camps under the PHD Rural Development Foundation. It also organizes the CSR activities. It also provides standby medical services in Exhibitions, Mela, Events and Trade fare. It is an organization which is specialized in providing solution to every problem in Hospital & Healthcare Industry. It is renowned in this sphere for the splendid services provided to the clients.

The organization has tie-up with more than 500 hospitals in India & about 50 hospitals all over the world. Thereby it is competent enough to deal with various types of ailments which the patient is suffering from.
Empathy Solutions also deals with Emergency Management by providing Standby Medical Services in big events like Trade shows, Exhibitions, Travel Groups etc. to avoid any untoward incident and to deal with any medical emergency during the event in India and Abroad.

Empathy Solutions is an experienced operator in Hospital, Healthcare, and Tourism & Travel Industry. Over the years, with experience & reliable services, Empathy Solutions have provided excellent medical care clubbed with pleasant and memorable holidays in India for their clients from all over the world.

Empathy Solutions also offers the option of combining the holidays in India with a medical package. Travel to India for the festive season, and combine your visit to family and friends and a tour of scenic attractions, with a medical checkup. You can easily tour of India with short term medical procedures, such a Cardiac Health Test, Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Care, Dental Care, Orthopedic Surgery, Heart Surgery etc.

The company offer complete travel solutions in India. It also ensures the airport pickup, hotel accommodation and trip to tourist places as per your need. It also provides air ambulance transfers from the country of the client and also provides road ambulance transfers from the airport to the Hospital/Hotel.

Empathy Solutions now offers the option of combining your holidays in India with a medical package. Travel to India for the festive season, and combine your visit to family and friends and a tour of scenic attractions, with a medical checkup.

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