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Event Hostess

An event hostess is the one who creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the guests of the event or the event attendees. Not only at a single venue, these hostess works on multiple venues whether it is –

  • Social functions
  • Restaurants
  • Conference
  • Receptions of wedding
  • Art gallery events
  • Charity events
  • Trade fairs

Their responsibility is to greet and welcome the guests at the entrance of the event and to direct them upon the arrival. Hostess also assists guest with any relevant information that is required by them.

Some other responsibilities of the hostess include–

  • Being the spokesperson or MC (Master of Ceremonies) for an event.
  • Coordinating with the organizers of the event, other employees of the event or the featured guests of the event.
  • They also socialize in the event’s crowd to make sure that the event is going as planned and people are comfortable and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Responsibilities of an event hostess in brief

Since there are a large variety of events, be it conference or trade fair, there are different-different specialized responsibilities depending upon the type of event. The main responsibility of MC is to create an ambiance which makes guests, attendees and participants of the event comfortable. Hostess must possess some skills which are necessary for an event to be successful. She should be confident, friendly and poised. They must be comfortable speaking with people from different backgrounds and should be knowledgeable in order to host the event successfully.

Hostess must spend most of their time entertaining the guests at the event. They should make sure that the people are enjoying and are entertained in the event which they are hosting. They must be polished and poised in such a way that they do not appear to be the guest of the event. In other words, they should be polite and not dominating or interrupting the conversations. They should always avoid drinking alcohol if it is being served at the event.

Corporate events and hostess

  • They provide special treatment to the guests and clients.
  • They provide a proper welcoming hospitality which can be some drink or snacks in a manner which is professional, efficient and smart.
  • Hostess possesses the quality of speaking multi-languages which is beneficial in attending the international guests.
  • Hostesses and hosts dress up in a code which is generally matching with the theme of the event.
  • They are also responsible for looking after a room wherein the entire luggage or clothes or any belongings of the event guests may be kept.
  • Hostess may also arrange for the taxis or cars and hand over the event related goody bag to the guests at the end of the event (if available).
  • They can assist in placing the signage and arranging the delegate material.
  • Managing the floor and the seating plan and also helping the guests to seat.
  • Printing and distributing the delegate passes.
  • Organizing the post event hospitality.

Part time jobs for Girls, Female, and Diva Girl Jobs in Events

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