Who is a Wedding Planner? | Benefits of having event planners for your wedding | Top event planners in Delhi & NCR

Who is a Wedding Planner?

Weddings tend to be the most talked-about and the most memorable event of everybody’s life. It is like a fairy-tale that every girl dreams about. To make it the most happening day of life it is important that the planning has been done in the most accurate manner.

India is a culturally and traditionally rich country and so are the weddings here. Many traditions, customs and rituals are practiced among the different castes, religions and states. Weddings in India generally involve a series of functions leading to the “D-day” so a single wedding lasts for 3-4 days.

It is difficult to manage a 3-4 days long wedding all by yourself so, people definitely require assistance in completing a long queue of tasks for the wedding. Many people takes this assistance from their family members but in today’s time it is very difficult to spare time so people hire a trained and professional person who is known as a wedding planner.

Technically, wedding planner is a professional who helps with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding against some amount. They are hired by the couples who work long hours and have little spare time available for sourcing and managing wedding venues and suppliers. They usually charge a percentage of the total cost of the wedding or some fees.

Benefits of having event planners for your wedding

There are enormous benefits of having an event planner. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Shift of responsibility – When you hire a wedding planner the first thing that happens is the relief from the responsibilities. Wedding-related tasks require a lot of time but the full-time job and social responsibilities would not let you indulge and focus properly. All the responsibilities of the wedding are transferred to them which make people free from responsibilities, whether big or small. The planners do everything that is desired from them. Handing over the important tasks of the wedding to a professional is always a good decision.
  • Help in budgeting and scheduling – Many people have a strict budget and timeline that they want to stick to. Wedding planners help you in sticking to the budget and get the most out of the stipulated amount of the budget. They help you get the best deal by crunching numbers and scoring discounts.
  • Knowledge – Wedding planners are in regular and direct contact of florists, caterers, DJs, stationery designers, hair stylists, and photographers. They know all the latest trends and moreover, they can recommend the best vendors so that you do not waste your time surfing on searching on google. They can also negotiate deals, which would be otherwise difficult, for you as they share a relationship with most of the local vendors.
  • New ideas – Their mind is flooded with the best and new ideas you don’t need to scroll and waste time on pinterest and instagram & read magazines for latest bridal trends for the inspiration. They have countless and brilliant ideas which cannot be found anywhere on internet.
  • Advice – They offer advice on tricky situations. There comes a point where some of your family members wouldn’t agree on a particular arrangement then, the planners comes to the rescue as they are experienced and well trained to handle any issue of this kind.

Top event planners in Delhi & NCR

Sanskaar group is an organization which is known for the splendid services provided. It provides the best wedding planners in Delhi & NCR. It is experienced and have handled many wedding events very well to make it the most beautiful and memorable day of the client’s life.

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The special team stream to offer a birds-eye view of the process from event creation, to make your events memorable and awesome. The sole objective of Sanskaar group is to become an extended arm of the Host that believes in providing very warm hospitality. Our scope starts with the pre-event planning through to execution right up to the post-event winding up.

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